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About Vasto Club

The Vasto Club provides a hall hire service that suits a variety of occasions, from weddings to simple club meetings.

The Vasto Club is an Italian club which was formally opened on 27th March, 1988. It originally was created for the Italians who migrated to Perth from Vasto. Today, the Vasto Club Circolo Abruzzese of WA Inc. still has a strong membership with over 300 members. It is now more commonly known as the Vasto Club Casa D'Abruzzo Inc., or The Vasto Club. The club meets every Thursday, Friday and Sunday for bingo and cards and meets monthly for fish and chips and also trips to the Crown Casino.

We are always welcoming new members. Should you wish to know more about the club or would like to join, please come along to our members bar and join in on the activities. Or for more information please contact the Vasto Club.